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Mar 16, 2009

Get over a Friend Who Backstabbed You

You and your friend were bffs 'til the end, right? Well, that was until they back stabbed you. Now what do you do? Getting over a backstabbing friend is easier said than done.

First, do not waste another moment with this friend. Make new friends, and lots of them. Report them to a teacher/trusted adult/his/her parent. This kind of thing should not be ignored.Spend your time not moping, instead sing some happy songs or talk on the phone. When just laying around, everything comes back (sadly) Now, address the crush problem. Who cares if they know? I have a friend who doesn't care if everyone knew. Get strong, like that.Of course, secrets are not to be told (at all!) to other people then you entrust them to.Keep your desk in order all the time .Push this person out of your life.Remind yourself, "This person does not deserve to be with me." and "I am perfect".Still sad? Cry in the shower, it helps.