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Mar 24, 2009


My son Justin talked to me the other that his classmate are making fun of him because his nose. He told me that his nose looks funny and different from them. That made him feel bad, and it make me feel bad as well.I was angry and mad that my son is going through this kind of treatment at school. But, I told my my son just to ignored those classmate of his and lift his head up and continue what he needs to do. And I told him, that I think his nose is cute and one of a kind, because he is half Filipino and half American. And there is nothing wrong with his nose.

When I was in high school, my classmate used to make fun of me too. They always called me stick. I was skinny when I was in high school, and I used to cry but not showing it.But I lift my head up and move on, I had something to be proud about because I was the smartest kid in my class.It was not fun being fun off, so I know how my son's feel.

Bulling should be stop in any school. I think bulling is not good to a student and not healthy.