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Mar 9, 2009

Identify and Choose High Quality Bath Towels

There's nothing quite like a nice, fluffy bath towel right after you get out of the shower. Here's how to find the right one for you.

Shop around. You want to find some towels that are the same color as your bathroom, and you need to consider how large you want them.
Look at them. The fibers should be cut so they stand up like grass in your garden.
Feel them. Are they soft? Or are they rough? If it has a soft, velvety feel and a bit of weight to it, it is good quality. If they are scratchy, or feel like canvas, they are low quality (don't buy those dollar-store towels!).

Consider the content. High quality towels are usually made out of fine, long cotton fiber. Some of the more expensive towels are made from Egyptian or Brazilian cotton. While hard to find, Supima cotton is another excellent choice of long fiber cotton that is grown in the United States.Decide how much you want to pay. If you want the very best quality, it will cost you more. They will also last longer, so you save money in the long run.

Towels that are dried in the dryer are always fluffier than towels dried on an outside clothes-line.Watch for different sized towels - ordinary towel size is fine for the average-sized person but taller or larger people might prefer a bath-sheet. There is nothing quite so luxurious as being wrapped entirely in your fluffy bath-sheet!