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Aug 1, 2008

One Two Three tag

I got this tag from Life's All About Thanks for this tag Bonz


3 Facts about Me 

1.When I'm angry I get quiet. 

2.Miss my kids a lot 

3. I get migraine all the time


3 Things that scares Me 

1. Terrified with snakes 

2. Loosing my love one/family member 

3. Senator Omaba not winning ( America is doom if he doesn't win, this is my opinion belief anyway) 

3 Songs playing in My mind 

1. Imagine me by Kurt Fracklin 

2. No one by Alicia Keys 

3. Say it Right by Nelly Furtado


3 Treasures in My life 

1. Of God the creators of all 

2. My Kids/Family/Friends 

3. My good heart 

3 First times in My life recently 

1.Got approved from Social Spark ( is this count? I think so!) 

2.Posted 6 Opps in one week. 

3. I don't have one


3 Words I always say or use 

1. I love you 

2. Please 

3. The "S" world not all the time, it just comes out.


I want to pass this tag to some of my co-blogger .Enjoy the tag