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Aug 12, 2008

Feel and Look Healthy and Pretty

Living a happy, healthy lifestyle can affect how you look. It can
brighten your eyes, bring color to your skin, and make you feel
like taking on the day. To look and feel your best, these tips will

  1. Every morning when you wake up, you should say five things that
    you like about your body. Then say five more things that you like
    about your personality. It will definitely boost your

  2. You should visit a Dermatologist if you already haven't. He/she
    will tell you what kind of skin you have, what you need to do to it
    if there are any problems, and they will give you good Skin
    Products. Meanwhile, wash your face in the morning and at night to
    get all the oil, dirt, and makeup off your face. Use a face
    cleanser/soap that doesn't irritate your skin, and if you have
    acne; Proactive really works.

  3. Get a haircut at least every 3 weeks to get split ends cut off
    and/or any other thing you want done. If you have head lice, go to
    a Doctor to get it removed and if you have Dandruff, use a shampoo
    specifically made for dry scalps. Brush your hair every day and get
    all of the tangles out with a gentle paddle brush/comb. Washing
    your hair every two nights is healthy. Washing your hair every
    night is not recommended, as it can strip the natural oils from
    your hair.

  4. To be healthy, you need to exercise and eat well. Exercise for
    at least 30 minutes every single day. Don't over-work, but still
    have an active lifestyle. If you think you need to go on a diet,
    first ask your doctor. Eat small portions, eat when you're hungry,
    and stop when you're full. Don't eat too many sweets/oils/fats in
    your diet because you will get fat. You can still have them, just
    not too much.

  5. Find clothes that you like. Make sure they are the proper size
    and cover up your midriff. Wearing clothes that you like will make
    you feel confident. Try going to a lot of stores and trying things

  6. To be healthy and look/feel better, get at least 9 hours of
    sleep every single night.

  7. In your life, you will probably want to try new things. So,
    every once in awhile, do some different things and make a

  8. For good hygiene, brush your teeth when you wake up and before
    you go to bed. Shave underarms and legs when needed and take a
    bath/shower with soap/shower gel/body wash every single night.

  • Smile!

  • Take care of your nails, trim them,and paint them when

  • Drink a lot of water.

  • Be yourself!