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Aug 21, 2008

Amos Tamam

Have you heard about Amos Tamam the actor? If not , well let me tell you a something about him. I don't know him . But he is very well known in Israel as far I know. He is an actor to soap opera in Israel . He was born in Israel on September 6,1977 . Studied in filmography and later on took became as famous actor. He was on on this following: He was on the TV series called Srugim 2008 ,Giborim Ktanim in 2006 as Police Officer aka Little Heroes (USA), Shalosh Ima'ot also in 2006 aka Three Mothers ,International: English title
,Shir Shelanu, Ha in 2004 TV series Yariv Arad unknown episodes,in 2004-2005
aka Our Song ,International: English title.