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Aug 14, 2008

The Advantages of prepaid phone cards

When you're on the road, the ability to connect with family, co-workers, clients and friends is more important than ever. Prepaid phone cards are smart solution in terms of cost and convenience.

Price savings
Making a long distance phone calls on the road can be extremely expensive phone cards can offer domestic long distance calls for less than 3 cents per minute, while eliminating the need to keep coins in your pocket. They also offer a huge saving on international calls. A 30 minutes call from the United States to Germany could cost nearly $ 30, while the same call could cost less than $2 with an international prepaid phone card.

Using a prepaid phone card at home can be cheaper than typical long-distance charges.

PIN-less dialing
This features allows you to register a number of phone numbers that will not require a personal identification number to be entered when using the card. When making a call from any of these registered numbers, the system automatically bypasses the PIN entry step. You merely dial the access number and the number you wish to call. The convenient features is a big time saver.

Speed dialing
You can store a large list of numbers with this feature. Simply assign a speed- dial code to phone number you wish to speed dial. Then when you wish to place a call to that phone number, use the short cut.

This feature is fast and enables you to safely store numbers in the system, rather than in a separate phone directory or PDA.

Auto recharge
This feature allows you to automatically add time to the prepaid phone card without going through the recharge process manually or through voice prompts. This eliminates worry about the balance on the card. By registering your credit card information and selecting the amount you wish to add to automatically when you reach a system-specified low balance amount.