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Aug 13, 2008

How to Serve a Bagel Breakfast

A bagel breakfast is
delicious, easy to prepare, and enjoyed by all. Many like to share
this treat for a Sunday morning, but you can have one any day of
the week.


  • Half a dozen of the best bagels you can find (serve 6)

  • 1 pound of Nova or Nova Scotia lox

  • 3-4 tomatoes

  • 2-3 Bermuda Onions, sliced

  • Red or yellow pepper, sliced (optional)

  • Capers (optional)

  • Cream cheese {2 containers}

  1. Get the best bagels available in your town. Heat them whole in the ovenat about 350
    degrees Fahrenheit or 175
    degrees C,
    for about twelve minutes, a bit longer if you like them a little on
    the crispy side. Later you will slice these as you take them out of
    the oven, and then will place them in a bowl on the table.

  2. Make a nice plate of sliced tomatoes.

  3. Slice some onions,
    white or red, and some peppers if you like. Lay these on a plate on
    your table.

  4. Put some standard or flavored cream chesse on the
    table. Provide a knife or a spatula so that you and your
    guests will be able to spread this all the way to the edge of the bagel.

  5. Put about a pound of lox on a plate. Provide a fork so that guests will be
    able to separate the top layer.

  6. Make sure everyone gets a nice slice of lox to put on top of each bagel half which they
    have spread with cream cheese. Guests can then apply their choice
    of onion, peppers, capers and tomatoe

  7. Suggest to your guests that they eat their bagels as open-faced sandwiches or regular sandwiches, whichever they

  8. Add other items to your table, such as sliced bananas some coffee, orange juice,
    small bowls of berries or other fruits. You can also make a little tuna fish salad as some guests will prefer this over the traditional
    lox. Enjoy!

If you are serving on a Sunday morning, set the table on Saturday night so you won't have to bother with that in the morning.

 Plain cream cheese is fine, but you might like to try a flavored variety such as garlic and chive, or sun-dried tomato.

Bagels are great fresh, but do pretty well in the freezer as well. Just take them out of the freezer and put them right in the oven and plan to cook them a bit longer. See How to Make a Frozen Bagel Taste Freshly Baked.

Sliced cucumber adds a crisp and refreshing taste and makes a great substitute for tomatoes.