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Aug 19, 2008

How to Be Good Natured and Loving

Although it may seem like some people are born with the capacity to love or with a naturally good nature, it is far more likely that they appear this way because of their upbringing, day-to-day actions and choices. If you wish you were better natured and loving in your day-to-day life, you can make the choice to change your behavior.

Consider why you would like to increase these qualities within yourself? Do you see a lack? Are you sure? Is not being good natured or loving holding you back in your life? Take a piece of paper and write down how your life might be different if you had these qualities more than you already do.
Consider that you may find you really want to do it stop other behaviors so your natural loving quality can come to the surface. Perhaps you want to stop being mean to your baby brother. It doesn't matter what the reason is, but before you can love you have to learn to stop hating.
Learn as much about yourself as you can. Try to be aware of what things make you upset, angry or frustrated.

Everybody makes mistakes, part of becoming loving is learning to love yourself even if you make mistakes.
Choose people you admire from history who you regard as good natured and loving. These people may include Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa or many others. Read as much as you can about this person, or watch television shows and movies about them. Ask yourself, what made this person good natured and loving, what is it that they do that makes other people see them this way?
Be patient, it can take a long time in silent contemplation of one's hurt, pain and behavior in order to understand enough about yourself to begin to love others.
Start slowly.

You can't change your own personality overnight. You might try giving some change away to a homeless person, or help your landlady take out her trash. The more things you do that you regard as good natured and loving, the better you will feel about yourself.

Some people may feel threatened by your new personality. It takes courage to admit ones own faults, and change always worries somebody! But remember, you do not have to share your faults with others.
Many other people may think you are wasting your time, but if this is what you have decided you want, do not be afraid to go for it!

You must not fake it. Learn to be genuine in your newly blossoming personality.
Don't try too hard to change who you are.