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Aug 29, 2008

My favorite Buger and Burger Chain

Well! Talking and thinking about hamburger making my mouth water.Once a week, I usually eat hamburger in a fast food chain. This days it's very important that the hamburger chain / restaurant are sanitary. That's what look for when I go to a restaurant/ chain .

I used to go to Mc Donald, my kids love the kids menu over there. They usually order Mc Donald and I go where my taste bud lead me.

I have two favorite hamburger restaurant . Can you believe it if I tell you that I only go to this two burger chain? First is Jack in a Box's and Fat Burger . At Fat Burger I usually order the Turkey Burger , the one lean, mean 1/3 Lb patty grilled and build the way your heart desires, and served up in a whole wheat bun.  Second is the Jack in Box. I love their Jumbo Jack with cheese, of course with that order I usually get seasoned curly fries.

It becomes to other Hamburger restaurant! Wendy's I like their Asian salad that I have to admit. And At Mc Donald! I love their Ice coffee. Dairy Queen I would not recommend it. I think they are very unsanitary. For the sevaral time I went there before with friend ,I have seen flies flying . I just wish that all restaurant here in Seattle have that A,B, C, D, letter posted on a restaurant like in California. That way people will know which is better restaurant and which are not.