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Jun 20, 2008

Start a New Life With a Negative Past

There is only so much we can do to right the wrongs that we have done in the past but when our reputations and character have been destroyed, by vindictive people who are unwilling to forgive us and move on and finding employment becomes difficult. Then it is time to get the hell out of Dodge and start over with a fresh slate .
After all attempts at reconciliation have failed
When you have a constant bad feeling in the pit of your stomach
When your good name and character have been destroyed beyond repair
When finding employment becomes impossible because of past history or bad references.
When there is a negative or extremely derogatory result to every back ground inquiry or consumer report
When you have exhausted every possible option available
When you are trying your best to stay straight and abide by the law but the Police keep harassing you any way.
When you have by your past actions made multiple enemies who would like nothing better than to overtly or covertly cause you bodily harm, or see some unfortunate and deadly accident befall you.
You get frequent threats against you
Your enemies are calling you and hanging up.
Make a plan and cover every possible aspect over and over again *Find a new state in which to live one where you have family and feel safe * Apply for jobs in that state and continue doing so until you get an interview. * Once you get a job in that state began preparations to move * Tell only those who need to know and make sure that they understand the importance of not telling any one your where abouts better still yet tell only family members that have proven you can trust them. * Transfer any certifications you hold to that state *Get a place to live preferably in a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate. *Transfer all mail there * Transfer phone service there and get your utilities turned on. When all is ready and in order quietly make your move leave in the early morning hours between 1 am - 4 am as most normal people will be in bed and don't look back.

Watch your back until you feel safe and never blab off where your going
Never relax your guard for one second don't be too paranoid but maintain a constant state of mental awareness and be aware of your suroundings. * Know your state's use of force laws *If you are elligible obtain a Concealed Handgun license and become proficient with your weapon. *Learn Krav Maga or Tae Kwondo and apply the techniques that these styles teach only as a last resort or if things get justifiably out of hand.