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Jun 30, 2008

Angel's Daughter

Isn't she a cutie? This a picture invitation that I receive from my long time friend Marife Tuazon (aka angel rose) . I known Angel for almost 7 years now. I meet her at yahoo chat a while back. Like Dabawenya Babe .I have know them for quite a while now. But we haven't seen each other in person. That sad isn't it :((. But eventually will see each other.

Anyway. This angel's daughter's christening and first birthday picture invitation that I got from the mail just this recent week. Angel ask me to be her daughter's Godmother. which is very trilling to me. I live here in Seattle & she lives in San Francisco( Gladys lives in New Mexico by the way, that's why we haven't meet ). The christening is on the 6th and hopefully I will make it over there. As we all know right now California is on fire. And I just saw the news yesterday , SF is so smoky. My point was I have trouble breathing with the smoke. Hopefully SF will be clear by then. Otherwise We wont be going. I am just going to make it up to her,someway, somewhat.

Anyway. I just want to share this here. I am proud to be asked as a God mother to this such a cute baby girl.