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Jun 16, 2008

All about Blue Tooth

You probably know bluetooth best for cool, futuristic- looking device that some people use to talk hands-free on their cellular phone. But there are a billion of bluetooth-enabled devices in the world today, and they extend well beyond the realm of mobile phones.

Bluetooth Wireless technology allows different compatible electronic product, such as your laptop and your PDA, to communicate wirelessly over short distances. As a result of Bluetooth is popping up all over the place-in cars, homes businesses and even hospitals.

In short , Bluetooth means the various computers, wireless, phones, entertainment systems and accessories in your life are becoming more convenient and less messy to use. You can now quickly send files to a printer easily connect a keyboard to your computer, play music through your stereo from across the room show favorite pictures from your laptop on a TV or play video game enthusiastically, all without the disorder and restrictions of wires

Who Can benefit from Bluetooth?
Just about anyone who uses wireless phone or computers can take advantage of bluetooth Wireless Technology to make their lives easier and less cluttered. Busy professional can sync the calendars and address books on their computers and their PDA's eliminate the desktop clutter of wired peripherals and take calls with out dropping what their doing. People on the go can use it to stay connected in the car without taking their hand off the wheel, a particulary important use considering 25 states have some form of hands free legislation. Even student can make use of Bluetooth by printing papers from ac cross the room and relaxing to music through a wireless handset .

How do you ge connected?
Connecting two compatible Bluetooth enabled devices is called pairing . It's generally simple process that involves little setups. Many Bluetooth -enabled devices are completely universal, so your devices can communicate with others regardless of manufacturer.
The only restriction is that devices must have the same profile in order to communicate. There are profile for each type of function, and many profiles can exist on a single device. A hands-free profile would be found in mobile phones and headsets; the advance audio distribution profile (aka A2DP) allows you to play music from your mobile phone through your stereo or computer speakers.If you have a question about the profile for specific device, it's best to refer to its manual.