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Jun 13, 2008

Show Off Your Curves

f you got it flaunt it! You don't have to look the stick thin models on T.v. After all, real women have curves, smart women know how to show them off!

Find the right undergarments. A nice and suitable push-up bra with good support is the #1 must have for showing off your curves. You can be fitted for bras at most undergarment stores such as Victoria's Secret or Frederick's of Hollywood, as well as most department stores.
Buy a cute but inexpensive top. If you want to hide your tummy, get a top with an empire waist that will glide over problem areas. Make sure the empire waist clothing doesn't puff out too much at the stomach area.
To show off great boobs, get a top with a low neck line. Make sure it has support though other wise your breasts will look saggy.
Get a great pair of jeans that hug your hips, thighs, and butt. Make sure they have a comfortable fit.
Don't get upset when you see too thin celebrities on TV; they may look perfect, but in the real world perfect doesn't exist.
Don't pick at your flaws, instead enhance your beauty.
Don't show too much other wise you'll look like a billboard for horny guys
Don't go over the top, or else it will change your reputation completely
Most of the very thin Celebs, are Anorexic, so don't go too far.
Things You'll Need.
A cute supportive bra
Hip-hugging jeans
A flattering top
Self confidence. When you feel confident,it shows