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Jun 21, 2008

Go Without Eating For Six Hours

Deal with your hunger, without letting it control you!

Food. If you know that you will have to go without food more six hours or more, be prepared. Eat a large, healthy, high fiber breakfast. Bring a small snack or two, like a granola bar, or string cheese.
Water. Bring at least one bottle of water with you. Before you leave, drink about 4 full glasses of water, or atleast until you can't drink any more. Water makes you feel full.
Thought. Don't think about food! Make sure you're occupied by something else. If you can't go on much longer, don't resist your hunger. Eat your snack, bite by bite, and drink more water. Then stop thinking about it. If you get hungry again, chew on gum. That really helps!
Refill. Afterwards, eat a large meal. Even if you don't feel hunger, your body may be starved of food. Eat plenty of good food, including vegetables. Energy drinks are also good!

* Bring a snack.
* Bring bottle water that has a good taste.
* Bring an energy drink, like Propel or Gatorade
* Take a pack of teeth-cleaning gum, like Stride, Trident, or Extra.
* Don't go alone! Face your hunger with a friend.

* Don't do this every day. You could become seriously ill.
* Tell your parents about your plan/proble