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May 1, 2008

What Would You do?

What would you do if you see a bunch of teenager making fun with someone who is slow and cannot depend his/her self? Would you stop and try to stop it? Or would you just walk away and let them continue what they are trying to do with the other person?

If you ask me! I would get into it and try to stop the none sense. I think making fun of other is very cruel thing to do. No matter what the person look like. You should treat them equal like you treat your self. Of course every person are different. Some people just walk away from the scene. Some people will stop and make them stop for what they are doing. " You should treat other well no matter gender, raise or country they from". That's what we supposed to do, atleast that is how i feel. I don't know about you. To care not to make fun.


Anah said...

I'd ignore them. Those people are a bunch of losers. Sometimes you want to defend someone or yourself but really don't waste your time cuz there is a reason why they are called morons and a disgrace in this society. In blogosphere or online world- they are known as "trolls". :)

PPP brought me here :) congratulations!


May 4, 2008 at 10:34 PM