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May 14, 2008

How To Get Over the Loss of a Best Friend

Everyone will lose a friend in there lives.Here are things to learn what to do, and how to feel better.

After being hurt or let down by your best friend, try to talk to him/her. Ask them why they have done this, talk to them like an adult.
If they decide not to listen to you, turn to your real friends. Ask for guidance and support from them. They'll help you through your situation.
Sleep on it for a couple of days, thinking about how you can sort out your life and make the best decisions for your situation.
Make new friends. Talk to new people. People you either have never spoken to before, or people you aren't very close to. Just any person in general. You'll soon find new friends.
Make sure your friendships are special and real. Anything fake can end easily and abruptly.

Don't feel like you're the only one that matters in the world. So many other people have been through this all.
Be safe. Don't do anything that you'll regret.
Don't try to get back at/blame anyone. Its usually nobodies fault.
Try and stay calm and don't get stressed. This will only make matters worse.
If things go wrong, try and stay yourself.
Don't argue or fight, this will only make things worse.

Things You'll Need

Self esteem
True Friend