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May 26, 2008

Find Your Self Or Someone Else

To find yourself you must be yourself. Your understanding of life will not complete you. Only you through God`s guidance can achieve the limits of your mind.

It takes a lot to do this. First of all you can be alone or if not you must have someone that is really close to you in spirit but at the same time you cant let them get in the way of your search. If you get distracted easily it would be best if you don’t take anyone. It’s a walk for you not to talk to someone. In fact if you do take someone along they need to do the same thing your doing but in their OWN way.
It also requires you to get away from where you hang out. Away from your house, school or perhaps the city. To embrace yourself you must not be around the stuff that gave you your knowledge. Knowledge is a good thing but being smart isn’t being happy. You must gain your own wisdom. It’s best to pray before you go on this journey.
If you feel close to someone and you want to take them along that’s fine. You have to stay focused though. You can’t just get half way and say, “Oh this is boring.” It`s best to be used to long walks.
It’s best to bring a Bible along with you. Even if you don’t believe in God it does have information about this topic from many real people. It has understanding that will fit you perfectly and plus God really does talk to people like you.
If you do bring a friend along make sure they are committed to you full heartedly. If they back down half way you will have to leave them behind so its best you tell them what your doing. A boyfriend or girlfriend or perhaps a best friend. If done right it will change your life and bring you a deep understanding. You must know how everything in the world works in order to survive. At the same time separate yourself from all you know and the world you know. What you know now won`t guide you as needed.
It takes deep thought to gain wisdom and control in your life. To embrace wisdom you must embrace yourself. This is a good thing for relationships as well. Friends can do it together or people that have had trouble in a relationship and want help. If you love someone you stick beside them even if sometimes you can`t stand them. Its best you go ahead and find each other even if it takes a whole week of doing so. In fact take as much time as you need. When you feel complete then you'll know its over.
Balance of mind is important. To achieve this you must first balance yourself in your heart. I’ve heard time and time again that it is impossible to correct problems that you have with the person you love. If you LOVE them you'll do anything for them.
If you have not found someone yet then you need to wait. Its like having sex for the first time. People say find someone to give you self too. Well people these days no longer believe in that. It’s now a pleasure thing or something. You have to do this with someone you KNOW in your heart they are God Sent.
The best place to do this is probably in the mountains. Use them to isolate you and your love. It takes more than talking too. Its like in math class... if you don’t know what the teacher is talking about and don’t ask when the test comes around you wont know squat because you didn’t ask when it was being taught. Ask him/her about things. Anything. If they love you they will trust you. This is not something to be doing once either. If possible it needs to be done if your household is falling apart. It will start to more than once so you will have to do this more than once. Thanks for your time and I hope I have helped you. I really do want to help people. I have my entire life and this has changed people.
Do it with a complete goal. Your goal is to gain wisdom not to get super smart. If you are trying to become smart you need to stop and think about not what you know but what you know about yourself. If you have a differnet understanding about this topic feel free to explain. When wisdom is found in yourself it can be approved by the wisdom of others.

  • Get away from where you hang out at.
  • Keep Isolated.
  • If its a relation issue bring your partner (friendship or loved one).
  • Be honest with yourself or another.
  • Do not do this half way. If you do theres a chance that youll back down the next time you do it.
  • They are no dangers in this. Just be honest with yourself, God and a loved one if its the issue.
  • Pray before you do this!

  • Bring food and drinks.
  • If you a guy and you bring a girl don't let her carry the stuff. YOU CARRY IT!!!


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