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May 23, 2008

Unplug from Techno- stress

Thanks to cell phones, text messages,, emails, blackberry and pagers, you reach almost everyone, anytime , anywhere. As convenient as this technology can be, it can also lead to techno-stress- that panicky, overwhelming feeling you can get when it feels like you just can't unplug. Here what you can do.

Prioritize relaxation. Take breaks during the day to rest eyes and mind. Practice meditation , visualization or deep breathing.

Use your vacation time. When you take a vacation, leave your technology at home.

Know when to unplug. Turn off your cell phone and pager during dinner with your family, when spending quality time with children or significant others, and any other time you need to focus on the moment.

Manage Email. Read and response your email just once or twice a day.

Create E-mail Filters. St up your email program to automatic eliminate irrelevant messages and flag important messages.

Know which Technology to use. Think about which medium is best for your message. If the topic requires a lot of back and fort discussion, call the receiver directly instead of using e-mail.

Take a weekly low-tech day. At least one day a week, hide your technological devices in the closet and take time for your self, or spend time with your friend and loved ones.