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May 30, 2008

Social Marketing Network Called Social Spark

Attention all bloggers and advertiser.IZEA had just launched a Social Marketing Network for bloggers and advertiser called SocialSpark . Its a Marketing newtork that connects advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising market. For advertisers , they will be able to target blogs base on topic and earn money by sponsoring offers to the bloggers who write or publish them. And for the bloggers, they can earn money by either displaying advertisement on their blogs or by writing a sponsored content. By joining SocialSpark you will be able to build buzz, generate traffic through social media exposure. Its free to join and easy.For the bloggers. Just follow the four simply steps to join. Create an account,confirm email,update profile and register your blog. Once you are approved, you will be earning money at no time. As for the advertiser, same thing as the bloggers. Follow the four steps, Create an account, confirm email,create your profile and create your Oppps.I love SocialSpark I have sign up and create an account my self.philipenprincesI have been browsing the bloggers profile and my I found gladys profile gladys . I pick this persons profile to include on my post just because, she is my friend and she is born and raised in philippines and now living here in US like me.And we both bloggers. So I encourange bloggers and Advertiser to join SocialSpark . Its free and It's Live.