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May 2, 2008

immigration reform or racial profiling

A daily walk with Bill & Gina's blog. Their recent entry is about immigration reform or racial profiling . Bill & Gina reside in the beautiful state of Arizona. Their recent post was immigration reform or racial profiling which is going on their state and as they said that if the country or their county wouldn't do anything about this now , it would be a big war.We all know that every state of USA has immigration reform or racial profiling. Right now the state having problem about immigration reform is Colorado, California, New Mexico, Arizona & Texas. And some of the state here in US is having the same problem as well. To end this problem is US need to have a next President who will put his/her feet down about Law in becomes to Illegals alien. As of Racial profiling, no matter what place we go there will be a racial pro filer always. And I hope that this problem will end soon as well and everybody will unite as one.