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May 21, 2008

Cherry Season

This is a bing cherry.My favorite cheery . Usually sweet and juicy. I can eat a bowl of it a day.There are several kind of cherries, rainee cherry, bing cheery which I really like and I forgot the rest. I post some more about cheries when I remmeber the rest.

The Northwest Cherry season is just around the corner. Blossoms throughout the 5-state growing region have been pollinated by honey bees and the cherries are starting to develop. A cool spring provided a natural blossom thinning which will lead to excellent quality and size in the comie so that the tree can devote more nutrients to develop each cherry into the large, swng year. When a cherry tree's blossoms are thinned, less fruit is left on the treeet summer treats for which the Northwest is famous. Although they have a long way to go, the warm, sunny summer days and cool nights have been providing the perfect conditions for the development of the 2008 cherry crop. Whether you enjoy eating them out of hand, tossing them with your favorite summer salad, adding them to a classic entree or incorporating cherries into a delicious dessert, get ready for another summer season of sweet health. Northwest Cherries are almost here.