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Jan 15, 2009

Know if the Websites Your Kids Visit Are Safe

Nowadays the internet is a crazy place, and it is ever so important to keep your kids safe. Here is how to set limits and review a sites content.

   Let your kids know that before they visit a new website you need to approve it. You might want create a "safe sight list" or ask them to tell you they are going on the internet.
  If the home page or even the address makes you uncomfortable it is probably not appropriate.
  Chat rooms and blogs are usually very risky even if they are designated for kids
  If the site has "FAQs" read them. They will usually summarize alot of the features of the site

     Follow your gut feeling. Even if your kids resent you; you need to remember that you are making these decisions for their own good.
     If you can't decide get a second opinion. Ask a friend with kids what she thinks of the site.
     If you approve a site know the password and check what your child writes periodically

     the internet is a predators playground it is your job to keep your children safe.