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Jan 17, 2009

Avory's Birthday Is Tomorrow

My daughter's birthday is tomorrow, can you imagine she is turning 9. Now she is so grown up. Sometimes she is so independent that she didn't need her mom or dad. When I gave birth with my daughter I had a rough time. I was in bed rest for the rest of my last trimester. I was in and out at the hospital for a month more than a month which is last couple weeks of November 1999 til the first week of January 2000. Had to stay at the hospital during thanksgiving, Christmas and New year. All that happened for not having my daughter too early. I was a hard transition. The funny thing was the doctors was trying to stop the baby to come out too early but when it was the month for her to come out. My OBGYN had to made the date for me to induce my daughter which is january 18'2000. I had lost 3 litter of blood and I had to have a transfution beacause of blood lost. I was a roller coaster pregnancy but it was worth it . My daughter came our perfect. She is a beauty and smart girl and I am proud of her. Happy birthday bobo.


AngelMist said...

your girl is so pretty.

January 18, 2009 at 9:06 AM