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Jan 31, 2009

Apply Makeup Naturally

Most of the time, you see girls wearing makeup that is too obvious (for example, fair skinned blondes wearing heavy black eye makeup). Sometimes exaggerated looks can be excellent, but makeup is really produced to enhance features. Hopefully, this article will help those who are aiming for a natural look.

Method One

Apply a tinted moisturizer and set with a translucent powder according to your skin color and tone.
Make sure it matches your skin, unless you're covering blemishes in which case the foundation should be slightly lighter than the other one.
Next, the eyes. Apply a small amount of shimmer right by the tear duct. For eyeshadow, use a one shade darker than your skin. Then, mascara. If you have blonde, red, or light hair, you should apply dark brown mascara, which will give you a softer look. For a really easy natural look just put on some clear mascara.
Apply a clear or slightly tinted lip gloss to finish the look.

Method Two

Choose a foundation that matches your skin tone (light, medium, or dark) and style (matt, natural, or dewy).
Apply foundation by first putting on moisturizer to clean skin. Dab foundation onto cheeks, nose, and forehead. Blend it with your fingers and use downward strokes to flatten baby hairs.
Apply concealer under your eyelids and smooth with fingers.
Apply blush using a color that matches your natural glow. Apply with fingers or a sponge to the apples of your cheeks.
Apply powder that matches your foundation color. Use a brush and tap of the excess powder. After waiting several minutes for your makeup to settle, start at the center and blend downwards.

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Schedule a free makeover at a beauty counter in a department store. Ask them for a natural look, listen carefully, and consider using similar techniques if you like the results. Sometimes a professional knows best.
If you have oily skin, use a powder or else your pores will show through.
When choosing a foundation, make sure it is your skin tone. If not, you will always look unnatural.
Choose makeup that is matte, with no glitter.