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May 13, 2009

Surprise Your Spouse

Romance needs work AND play. This compiling tips for those fun surprises that will bring a smile to your sweetie's face and a little extra strength to your relationship.

Hide sweet notes in your love's bag, coat pocket, umbrella. Simple notes are nice, but you can also try magazine pictures, hearts, etc. Make a paper-heart/flower petal trail from the doorstep to a surprise elsewhere in the house so your sweetie finds it when s/he returns home. The surprise? Candy, a small present, flowers, you? Make a CD of relaxing songs, or songs that make you think of him/her. Put them in his/her bag. Send him/her a postcard or a sweet note. Mail is always fun. Bake/cook a treat. Call his/her mother to ask what s/he loved as a child. Take your sweetie on a surprise trip to a place you loved together. This could be a picnic in a park, a restaurant, a museum, a city, etc.

If you're taking your sweetie somewhere, make sure you know you're not stepping on plans s/he has already made. You may want to listen extra carefully that week for plans. Mix it up -- try different things.
Make sure to not get them what they hate (i.e. if they are allergic to chocolate don't buy them chocolates!)