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May 22, 2009

Find the Perfect Shoes

The perfect shoes are not always easy to find but if you know the basics of what it is that you want and where to look, you're off to a great start.

Go into the first shoe shop you see and look around. Look for a pair of shoes that you think look nice. See how high they are. Consider if you can walk in heels, how comfy they will be, etc. Look at the price, and think about how much you are willing to spend. If they have passed all of those points, try them on. Walk around in them. Make sure they fit perfectly. If they rub even a tiny bit, put them back and keep looking. If they are hard to walk in, keep looking. If they have passed all of these points, look in a mirror and see how they look. Walk and see if you can walk normally and easily in them. Look at the colour. If they are white, will they get scuffed and dirty easily? What are they made out of and will they be easy to clean? Think about how you'll look in an important situation in front of a cute guy/girl. If they pass all of these points, buy them and take pride in wearing your perfect shoes!

Try to find a store with a lot of shoe products to choose from. Make sure to purchase the right style of shoe for the occasion you are buying them for. If you are planning on going to a yoga class, for example, sneakers would be acceptable, but pumps would not.Never buy shoes just because you like them straight away, always ask a friend or family member if they look right on you.