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May 21, 2009

How to Make Lavender Oil

Lavender has long been regarded for its splendor and uniquely breathtaking fragrance. It is more than just a flower that gives an exquisite view to its surroundings. It also has the power to heal, not only for muscle spasm and physical injuries, but also for emotional stress.

Lavender essential oil is excellent for the skin and adding its extract to soaps and bathwater gives off a fresh fragrance. It also helps repair skin problems while making the skin feel invigorated.

1. Put the oil into the jar then add the plant material and stir. Cover tightly and leave for 48 hours in a sunny windowsill, shaking every 12 hours.
2. Lay a piece of muslin over the bowl and strained the oils. Gather up the muslin and squeeze the material to extract as much as you can.
3. Put the oil back to the jar and add fresh material. Continue in a same way until you get the aroma you want.
4. If the weather is cold and dull you can place the jar in a saucepan of cold water. Slowly heat it until the water become just hand-hot. Keep it the temperature for 10 minutes. Remove the jar. Do this once a day.
5. After final straining, you can put the oil into a dark glass bottle. The shelf life for your essential oil is 6 - 12 months if kept in a dry, dark, cool place.

You can mix lavender with other plants such as ; lavender and peppermint or lavender and lemon/orange peel. For base oil ; Use a refine oil to attract the essential oils of the plant. Choose one that has pale color and mild scent. OIive oil, safflower oil and sesame oil all works well. Or you can use almond oil for cosmetics, safflower or canola for general purposes, and olive oil for cooking. Use witch hazel for an incredibly strong, rich scent.

Things You'll Need:
* 1 piece 600ml wide necked jar with tight fitting lid
* 300 ml oil ( see tips for more information)
* Glass mixing bowl
* Muslin ( to cover the top of the bowl)
* Dark glass bottle with tight fitting lid or stopper
* 8 tablespoon of lavender flower. Double or triple it as you will renewed several times.