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May 1, 2009

Help Your Busy Mother out Around the House

Your mom does a lot to keep your household running, and you'd really like to help her out. Here's how you can pitch in and make things easier for your hard working mom.

Make sure to take care of things that are your responsibility. Keep your room clean. Keep track of your things and put them away when you're done with them. Figure out what tasks you could do that your mother usually takes care of. Depending on your age and abilities, you may not be able to cook a big fancy dinner for your family, but you may be able to make a simple lunch for your family.Ask your mom what she could use help with. She probably has suggestions for things you could do for her. Get the rest of your family together and organize a "Mom's Day Off". Divide up the jobs your mom usually does and pick a day to do them. Your mom will have the day to herself. Keep at it! Your mother is probably working hard for you every day, so she could use your help as often as you can give it. always help your mom and she will always be very happy

Doing things to help that you can think of and can do before you ask her about helping. Then she won't tell you to do something you know to do anyway.