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May 27, 2009

How to Make Iced Tea

Iced tea is a refreshing beverage that has to be prepared ahead of time and best kept refrigerated.

Bring 2 cups (480 ml) of water with a pinch of baking soda in a small pan to a rapid rolling boil. Baking soda reduces any bitterness from steeping too long etc...
Turn off the heat and add 3 tea bags of your favorite tea. Keep the tea bags in the water for 5 minutes only. Anymore than that and your tea is going to be too bitter. Pour the concentrated tea into a container of your choice that can hold 2 quarts (2 L) of liquid after it cools down. Add sugar to your taste and fill with water. Put the tea in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.

You might want to add a few mint leaves semi-crushed to your tea as it cools, to give it a light and minty flavor.You can also add a squeeze of lemon to make it lemon iced tea.As an alternative to lemon, try adding a few lemon myrtle leaves. You can also make tea with ginger for extra taste. For colder, faster ice tea, you can put the tea in the freezer for an hour or two. Never brew tea in a coffee maker like most restaurants. The taste is unmistakable. Homemade Tea is always better! Don't go over the 5 minute limit with your tea bags in the hot water.