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Sep 19, 2008

Survive if You Wake up Next to a Woman and Can't Remember Her Name

Okay, hopefully, you won't find yourself in this situation, but you never know what scenario you'll find yourself in after a wild night at a bar.

    If you are at her place, go to the bathroom. Even if she is awake, she won't find anything suspicious about this. Once there, search for her name on the following:
           Prescription medicines
          Subscription magazines
           Junk mail, letters from ex-friends, etc. waste basket (don't spend too much time snooping, fun as it may be)
    Return to the room and look through anything she may have that would indicate her name. Look through her wallet, checkbook, photo albums, scrapbooks, bracelets, stacks of business cards, etc.
   If she's started the day and you still do not know her name, try to avoid endearing conversation. Don't be rude, but don't begin talking about her life story.
   Do not attempt to guess at her name. Try endearing pet names, such as "honey" or "baby". Do not use the same name over and over, and drop them into conversation only rarely so it will not seem obvious that you are referring to her by everything except her name.
   If you think you can pull it off, try "fishing" for her name with a discussion. This may draw attention to what you're doing if you're not a good liar, but you may be able to ask leading questions that will get her to say her name, such as asking her how she got it or if she has any nicknames.
    If you've managed to make it through the morning without blowing your cover and you'd like to continue dating her, ask for her phone number as she (or you) leaves. Look her up in the phone book.

    Remember that she may be in the same predicament.
     One approach would be to show her your ID and laugh about how unflattering you look in the picture. Playfully ask to see hers. (She might think that you want to know her age.

     Don't relax until you've found the same name in at least two separate places, especially if she doesn't live alone.
     Be quick and quiet about going through her belongings, as it would be very awkward for her to wake up and see you digging through her purse.