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Sep 14, 2008

Avoid Buying Fake Diamond Jewelry

Fake jewelry is one of the main issues that concern various jewelry producers and dealers. Today so-called "deliberate reproduction" of top-level jewelry pieces is among the most popular shadow economy businesses. Many producers of fakes sell them as real. Thus the reputation of real dealers is highly damaged. Today advanced technologies make it hard to tell fake jewelry from real at a glance like it was several decades and centuries ago.

    Before purchasing diamond jewelry try to get as much useful information concerning the product as possible.
    Take a look at the setting that holds the stone. Note that fake diamonds are very often held by low quality metal settings.
    Look at the stone. The real diamond is the hardest stone on Earth. Thus, try to look for scratches, and if you find these types of flaws then you likely have a fake. Buy a diamond tester so that you can test them yourself. They are relatively inexpensive and provide peace of mind. They are readily available in shops and on the internet. You should buy designer jewelry only from official retailers or boutiques of those certain brands.

     When buying diamond jewelry ask for the certificate stating the authenticity of the stone. If you are refused then all you have to do is walk away.
     You should have a special certificate stating that you have purchased a specific piece of jewelry in a specific store. When you find out that you have a fake then you have the right to return the product. Remember that there are no identical stones.
     The certificate from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) ensures the authenticity of the diamond. GIA is the largest institution that presents a grading report when it finishes the examination of the stone.
     It is useful to have the appraisal of the stone made by an individual jeweler from such professional institution like the American Society of Appraisers (ASA).
    You can start dealing with a reputable master in jewelry. When you find one, try to stick with them.
     You may consider showing the jewelry to several jewelry masters to be sure if it is fake or real.
     You can tell if a diamond is real or fake by breathing on it. Breathe on your diamond and if the condensation immediately evaporates, it is real. If it doesn't, then it is fake.

 Today the material that is most often used in creating fake diamond jewelry is "moissanite" (silicon carbide). The appearance of moissanite dates to 1998. The selling price of a moissanite is ten times lower that that of a diamond. It is so close to the diamond that sometimes even professionals cannot identify a fake without special equipment.


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