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Sep 8, 2008

My Fave Breakfast Restaurant

Another interesting review from dragon blogger which is Favorite Breakfast Restaurant . I love this topic. Just thinking about food is making me hungry. I don't go out for breakfast that much. I usually cook my breakfast on my very own kitchen.But, there are certain days that I don't feel like cooking anything for breakfast. And there are some Saturday's that I just want to be lazy and do nothing. That's the usual day I go out for breakfast and let someone else do all the work ( LOL) .

I have several breakfast restaurant that I like going for breakfast which is the following: First is Denney's, I love Denney's just because you get order breakfast 24/7 and they are open 24/7 as well . I love their All American Slam which is "Three scrambled eggs with Cheddar cheese, two bacon strips and two sausage links, plus hash browns or grits and choice of bread, and T-bone Steak & Eggs which is A tender 13 oz. T-Bone steak, served with two eggs, hash browns or grits and bread .

Second is The famous International House Of Pancake . I love ordering Their Classic Combo , The three eggs and Pancake are amazing it is served with three fluffy buttermilk pancake with the choice of meat. Grilled ham, bacon strip or pork sausage link.

The third one is Shari's , I love their Breakfast Platters which is flat Iron Steak & Stuffed Hashbrowns Platter,Barn-Buster Platter,Hearty Country Platter,T-Bone,Steak Platter,Big Start Platter,Ultimate Country Fried Steak & Eggs Platter .

Just by talking about all this breakfast food is making my mouth water and feels like I wanna go out for breakfast now! Anyway. Over all. My most fave Breakfast restaurant is IHOP. Love it enjoy it and the food is great. The other two are great as well but I love IHOP most. For more interesting review about Favorite Breakfast Restaurant just click the link.