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Sep 5, 2008

How to Avoid Being Bullied by Adults

Sometimes, adults attempt to bully you, and because they're often bigger than you, there's little you can do about it. Here's how you can stand a chance.

Be mature. Some adults see teenagers as menaces, or as those punks who don't really care about anything but making adults go crazy. If you're acting like what they think you are, you're just giving them an excuse to bully you. This will also let them take you more seriously.
Be humble. Whenever you see someone going around acting like they think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread, don't you just want to go down and take him down a notch? Adults have this feeling too.
Travel with others. The old saying "strength in numbers" is true; very few people will even try to bully you when they're outnumbered.
4. Wear non-insulting clothing. Wearing clothes with obscenities or insulting phrases has the potential to provoke others.
Be physically fit. If someone is just in a bad mood and looking for someone to be a jerk to, they want to pick someone that isn't going to offer a hard time. Looking stronger will deter someone from you; no one wants to bully someone that looks like they could punch a hole through their face! You don't have to be really buff, you just have to look like you could put up a decent fight if you really had to.
Be confident and look like you are. Hold your head up high whenever you go places, don't slouch, etc. A bullying adult wants to have an easy target, and looking insecure will just attract them to you. However, there is a fine line between being confident and cocky; make sure not to cross it.
7. Tell your parents if an adult is consistently bullying you. They need to know what's going on, and they may be able to put a stop to it.
Tell a bullying adult to stop. Tell them loudly and firmly to stop. If there are people nearby, say it loudly enough so that they can hear and possibly intervene. They may not realize that they're bullying, or just be in a bad mood; either way, they need to know that what they're doing.
Get out if things get out of hand. When things start to escalate into either yelling or violence, usually you will be at a disadvantage because you're younger. Leave the scene, and if the bully continues to actively pursue you, call 911 and tell them an adult is bullying you.

Don't provoke or tease adults. This can be what causes someone to bully you in the first place.
Make friends with adults. This will give you more insight as to how they think and how they feel about certain things, which can help you understand how to not provoke them in the first place.
Don't make snide comebacks if a bully insults you, because it will probably just provoke them farther. This is not a diss war with your friends.
If your parents are the ones that are bullying you, and you've told them to stop and they don't, get out.

Do not strike first if it escalates to violence. This will make you responsible, because you would be the one taking it too far; the bully could plead it was self defense.
Don't automatically assume an adult is bullying you. Know the difference between teasing and bullying. However, make sure to let them know when they've gone too far.
Never take insults by adults personally. This will be exactly what they want, and it will just make you emotionally weaker.