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Sep 14, 2008

Avoid Buying Knockoff and Reproduction Products

If you are going to buy a nice, expensive purse or real diamond at a store, you might well ask if they're selling you a reproduction and making you pay for the real thing. Here are some pointers for avoiding such a rip-off.

    Pay attention to what store are you buying it from. Is it a reputable merchant or have you or others had bad experiences
    Check the tag. Let's say you're buying a black Chanel bag. How much is it? Does it even say Chanel?
    Look at the insignia, logo, or badge. Is the logo crooked? Usually the Chanel logo is straight. Also look at the design and construction. Usually if it's a black bag the inside is hot pink. Check it. The zippers shouldn't be plastic.
    Look at the quality. For a Louis Vuitton purse, is it faded or sort of see-through? That's a bad sign. Is the leather greasy or oily? If so, it's probably not real.
    How about diamonds? Ok lets say your buying a pure diamond. Not on a ring or necklace or anything. Blow you breathe on it. If the diamond holds the fog, its probably fake. Because real diamonds do not hold fog. ok then get a newspaper or piece of paper. Put the diamond on the writing. if you can read through it it's fake. Also if the diamond is scratched or chipped, ask how it happened if they say something other then a diamond scraped it its fake. Diamonds can only be scratched by other diamonds and chipped by diamonds or a really really heavy object. Unless they say its manmade then thats still pretty good.
    Lets say the diamond is in a ring or necklace. First is the ring or necklace pretty heavy? If it isn't its fake. Diamonds are heavy. Then read the stamp or printed in stamp on the inside of the ring or necklace or bracelet, if it says "EG", its electronic gold. fake. Also if its on silver its usually fake but not always. Most of the time diamonds are on gold. Also do the fogging trick again. Ask for more info on the diamond etc. And common sense! What store are you buying from?
   Also, want to know how to tell if someones wearing fake hair? and i mean extentions with fake hair, real hair extentions are harder to define. Fake extentions. Have the girl/guy jump or watch her/him walk. Does the hair bounce up and down or stay flat. if it bounces its usually real or realhair extentions. If it stays down its fake. then watch the wind in their hair. do little pieces fly of the top of her head? its her real hair. Its fake or she/he got some serious short layers. Last, just ask them.

     Don't be scared to ask the cashier person about their product or hair.
     Try an expert for the bags and diamonds.
    If it is real good for you!

    It's usually illegal to sell fake purses with the logo or tag. If your sure its fake, e-mail, call or write a letter to the real company and tell them the store you got it from and etc.
     When your asking about fake hair, be careful don't annoy people about it. People want their space