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Sep 13, 2008

Say Goodbye to the Old Way And say Hello to the New Way

In todays world users want software that is faster, easier, and visually exciting. With Microsoft Windows Vista, developers can differentiate their applications by the user experience and provide new ways to help users be productive and make applications more relevant and just plain fun to use. Windows Vista is advance in Windows, with significant innovations in the developer platform and makes it easy to connect to information, systems, people, and devices though a number of innovative integration technologies. Discover Window Vista for gaming and great entertainment.What you can do with vista,you can get more done,do more in less time. It’s easy when your PC works faster, cleaner, and smarter.Enjoy music, and much more.

Windows Vista includes built-in accessibility settings and programs that make it easier for you to see, hear, and use your computer. The accessibility settings and programs in Windows Vista are particularly helpful to people with visual difficulties, hearing loss, pain in their hands or arms, or reasoning and cognitive issues.

Move to Window Vista with confidence . Risk are part of every small business. Discover why Window Vista are not one of them . Introducing Windows Vista Small Business Assurance. You will get the support you need to upgrade your small business. When you buy a new PC with Windows Vista Business or Windows Vista Ultimate from July 1 through September 30, 2008, you'll receive free support, compatibility assistance, and one-on-one coaching from Microsoft to help ensure a smooth transition. Windows Vista Small Business Assurance telephone representatives will be available to answer questions, provide compatibility assistance, and offer technical support to help small business customers transition to Windows Vista. Support through Windows Vista Small Business Assurance is free and available through October 31, 2008 .

Window Vista has come along way,many customers have shared with us how using Windows Vista has helped their small business succeed. To explore how window vista can help you and your business. Visit the link above and get the most from the great features for your small business.