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Jul 29, 2008


   We went for our usual walk today. The wind is blowing so hard and so cloudy , look like storm is coming or something. It's good to go for a walk to relieve some stress . I am stress emotionally and mentally. Sometimes I felt like giving up hope. But I have to kick and move on whatever life brings in everyday life. I know that life is not easy for some people (that include me). But I have to have faith and keep on believing that things will get better.

   You probably asking your self(what is she talking about)? Every individual in this earth has their own problem in life. This is the only way I can let my emotion out by writing what's inside me. I feel like running and just scream until I dont have a voice no more. Feels like blaming someone or everybody, but I can't do that . I cannot blame anyone for something I did or vise versa. I tell my self ...just let it out, cry, cry so hard. Maybe tomorrow will bring us a new day and start of new life. That's how I feel!