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Jul 26, 2008

He's Growing up so quick

Earlier this week I had share my daughter Avory's ( AJ ) picture here. Now I am sharing my son's picture. He is 11 1/2 years old.  Seem not too long ago when he was a baby and he was just crawling. Now he is so independent in someways. And it's funny, he always tell's me on the phone  every time i tell him something very important . Every time" I said never mind , you wouldn't understand", he always tell's me " Mom, I am eleven years old . I am not a baby anymore, you can talk to me". Sometime I just stop and tear up. I guess I just miss them so much. ( My kids are staying with their dad, if anyone is wondering). Anyway, that's my little guy, not a little boy any longer. But he will always be my little guy.