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Jul 25, 2008

Be Acceptive of Other Religions

               In this world today, there are many different religions out there. Each one is unique with its own rituals explanation of how the world works. Its easy to compare another religion with your own beliefs and find many differences between the two. However, if you find that these differences make your beliefs superior in your mind, it can cause a lot of problems with your friends, family and coworkers. By accepting other religions, your life could be a lot easier.
Accept That Everyone Is Different Because all people are different, everyone needs to make different choices to be happy. Your way is not the only way - just like you can't expect your music tastes or favorite food to appeal to all, you cannot expect that everyone will be drawn to your religion, or any religion at all.

Take A Step Back And Stop Criticizing Before you point out the "holes" in another person's religion or lack thereof, look at your own beliefs. Every religion has faults. Every religion has questions that can not be answered. This is why faith is necessary - to keep you from giving up when something doesn't make sense.              

Think About Other People's Feelings Think about it: You're choosing not to accept someone based on religion, on their differing beliefs and morals. This is extremely hypocritical. You are making someone feel bad about themselves because they don't agree with you. Unless they are doing something seriously wrong like murder, rape, torture etc., you have no right to force your beliefs on them - unless of course you are perfect.Do not attempt to change them.

If you meet a person of another religion or no religion that is kind at heart, why try and change them? If you meet an Atheist that is honest, kind and pleasant and try to say he/she is a bad person because he/she does not believe in what you do, who is being irrational: you, or them?

Recognize Similarities In

ReligionAnother reason why hating a person based on religious beliefs is ridiculous is that almost all religions have certain similarities. Study the books of major religions carefully, and you will be surprised by the number of similar views and fables (with different characters, of course.)Learn About Religious Ceremonies. If you think a religious  ceremony or practice looks odd, it before you wrinkle your nose at it. What does it represent? What is the symbolic meaning of all steps and objects involved?


Chris said...

I'm a Born Again Christian but im pretty much open to different kinds of religion.

what irritates me is some of the religion rules or policies tendens to be over reacting... like having attendances etc

well that's my opinion

Good times

July 25, 2008 at 3:29 PM