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Jul 5, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness

My older sister is a Breast Cancer survivor.I know it for sure that having a breast cancer isn't easy. It's hard to the victim and it's hard for the family. My sister was diagnose 6 years ago. She gone through mastectomy for several months and she gone reconstructive surgery after that.It was hard for her. There were times that she was loosing it. But with the encouragement from the family and standing by her for day after day helps her a lot. Faith in the Lord really help her make it through high tide of her life that moment.

The Breast Cancer Site

We all know that has a lot of women around the world has gone through Breast Cancer. Some of them survive from it and some of them are still fighting for it. I encourage each everyone of you out there who is reading this post. To visit the link above . With every click you do each day, even just a click once a day, every day at The Breast Cancer Site? That's 365 chances each year to help a woman in need get the gift of early detection!

There are many ways you can help for Beast cancer . To find out more click the link .


ailecgee said...

I wish complete healing for your sister. Like her, I am also a breast cancer survivor. It'll be almost 16 years now since I was first diagnosed in 1992.It sure is difficult while undergoing treatments. With God's blessing, I am now declared cancer free. Hope for your sister to be the same. Just keep your faith and everything will turn out for the better. God bless!


July 6, 2008 at 12:56 AM