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Jul 17, 2008

Be a Great Basketball Coach

Tips on how become a basketball coach. Seattle Adult Basketball

Figure out what kind of coach you want to become: a middle school coach, a high school coach, a college coach, or a pro coach. You can only become a professional coach after gaining some experience elsewhere, so this article will not deal with that aspect of your job search.
Call your local school district and find out what kind of training and certification you will need.
Go to school and get all your degree and/or certification.
Be involved voluntarily. While completing school, help out with local sports teams which your county, or a church may sponsor. This will give you experience and will strengthen your resume.
Seek a position. After you have graduated and you are ready to apply for a position,check the web pages of the all local school boards to find out what jobs are available and what the particulars of employment will be.
Network all the time. Knowing the right people will help you land that job, so be sure to make plenty of contacts along the way as you do your volunteering, etc.

* If your players are playing badly, call a time-out and let them know without embarrassing them. Do not shout at them so the whole gym can hear.
* If players aren't playing hard, bench them for a couple of minutes so they get the point and see if another player will perform for the team. Get everyone competing for that first team spot!