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Nov 18, 2009

Bringing Back Memories.

There are times when you just sitting back and doing nothing and things just pop out in your mind and start smiling? That was just happened to me! My life in Philippines when I was younger. I remember when my grandparents was still alive and I was like in elementary school. I used to visit my grandparents and stayed there over the weekend. My grandparents had wide farm, like never ending farm. They had to have a bunch of help to do the farming. Anywho, my Lolo and Lola had tons of animals, like chickens,ducks, goats, cows, carrabao. My Lolo was very masipag mag tanim ng mga gulay and fruit tress. That was why everytime we go and visit my grandparents, they always prepared fresh meat and fresh vege for dinner.

I remember my lolo and lola's backyard was full of fruit trees like kaymeto, ( I am not sure if that is how you spell it but anywho sound good to me LOL), buko, santol and avocado. I really was not into avocado, I thought it look like.....hmmm, I don't need to say it, if you know what I am thinking then that is it.

My Lolo was so streaked, if you go to his house you have to behave like a lady. My lola otherwise was the opposite... she was so lay back. My Lolo died when I was in elementary and my Lola died 10 years ago. It really hurt me when I Lola died, because I was not in Philippines when she passed away. And my family never told me that she died, until they buried here already. My lola and I were so closed, and I didn't understand why my family didn't told me that she had passed. The only thing that they can tell me was, they didn't tell me because they knew that it will really hurt me bad. It hurts until now I must admit but I do understand what my family were coming from. I wish at times, to turn back time. But I can't, all I can do is to hold on to the memories.


Jen said...

atleast naabutan mo pa ang Lolo mo,ako diko na nakita even in my fathers side..Just my Lola my moms mother,i miss her tuloy kaso diko na sya makikita pa,kakamiss buhay sa province noh?napakasimple ng buhay..

November 18, 2009 at 6:45 PM