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Nov 19, 2009

Accept Mistakes and Learn from Them

Are you tired of being scolded all over again by your parents because of your grades, relationships, or other problems? Get your paper and pens out for some listing on what to do. These steps shouldn't be painful, but there are always obstacles to change.

Never lie. Lying may save you for now, but the truth always reveals itself sooner or later, getting you into more serious trouble. Note that "white lies" are still lies and can hurt as time goes by. Do not hide your feelings or problems from your parents. Parents are usually willing to speak about your feelings and help you solve any problems you may have. They only want to protect you. Don't feel intimidated because they're adults, after all, they've already been through most of what you're experiencing and came through okay. Accept your mistakes and promise yourself to do better next time. Don't cry over things like being busted by your girl/boyfriend or failing exams. What you should do is learn and adapt from it and start a new life the next day. Focus your attention on studies and work, thinking twice before doing anything else. Avoid excuses like, "Please dad/mom, I'm going through adolescence/puberty and need time for myself too!" or false promises like, "I'm sorry, I swear to do better than last time because....". Those are just annoying words.Make a list of your mistakes each week and try to change for the better. Be sure you're true to your words and try to change for the better.

Enlist trusted friends to give you advice, help you study, and give you positive feedback when you do well. Don't think you are foolish when you make mistakes. The way you treat with them proves you are intelligent or not. We cannot know what will happen in the future and what things are laying down on our paths. But to make mistakes is the only way to learn. Some people never make mistakes. This is because they do not dare to do anything different from others. So please believe in yourself even when you make mistakes. At least you dared to be yourself. There are some ways not to remake the mistakes others have done. For example,you may ask for advice from your parents or teachers, or you can publish your plan in your blog and share your ideas with other friends. They can give you some advice.

Never repeat mistakes for any reason. Do not dwell on past mistakes, learn from them instead. Never let comments from others about your mistakes depress you. Do your best to ignore destructive criticism. Appreciate help from others, especially from family members.Never disregard the first and best rule there is: do not lie. Watch out for getting careless and repeating your mistakes.