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Feb 1, 2008

What are your gym's bacteria hot spot?

Everytime we go to the gym and work out. We wonder in our mind if all the equipments that we are using are really clean!

Yoga mat. An hour's worth of sweat mixed with body heat makes the mat a breeding ground for bacteria. Cover the mat with your own towel.
Handrails. Equipment touched by many hands is festering with germs that could give you a bad cold or a nasty case of the flu. Use disinfectant sprays, which most gyms provide, to wipe down the machines before and after use.
Water fountain. In the rush to get a drink, people may touch their lips to the spout. Bring your own bottle of water.
Swiss ball. People put everything from their head to their back to their feet on medicine balls, which are often rolled over a dirty floor to a new location. Avoid touching your eyes, mouth, and face after use – until after you've washed your hands.