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Feb 5, 2008

Soduim The Surprising Facts

Excess soduim in the diet can raise your blood pressure. But will cutting down on table salt solve problem? Not necessararily. Truth is table salt is responsible for only about 15 percent of the total soduim consumed by an average American each day.

Most soduim comes from seasonings and ingredients added to food, such as monosoduim glutamate, soy sause, mayonaise and buillion. It is also common in processed foods, such as luncheon meat, can soup, canned vegetables and fast foods--- all of which account for almost 75% of salt consumption in the typical US diet.

Although soduim essential for maintaining bodily fluid and proper nerve function, most of us consume more than we need. The recommended daily amount is only about 2,400 milligrams about 1 1/4 teaspoon of salt.

Following this recommendation usually works well; however some people have " soduim sensitivity". This means they have high blood pressure, even they are sticking on the recommended daily amount of soduim. oduim sensitivity is most common on people who are 50 or older, have a family history of high blood pressure or are African American. Those with this condition often need to follow a low-soduim diet.