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Feb 8, 2008

Obama is In Seattle

Senator Obama is intown today. He held his rally at Key area where the Sonic play. We left the house about 9:45 am make sure we get there on time. The key Arena Entrance was open at 10:45 am . When we got there, there was a longggggggg line of poeple. We tried to find a closer parking area but we coulden't find any. So we had to gone ahead and pay $ 8 for parking. We ran to get in line. Luckily by the time ge got there the line was moving. It was chilling cold. We got in safe and sound but my goodness the Key Arena was sooo pack. 11:11 am the guard close the entrance door. There was 18,000 people inside and 3,000 got turn away. Sen Obama went outside to talk to the people outside that has not got inside. It was so nice attending the rally. Sen Obama talked about the health Care, men and women in war and so much more . It was over whelming. But It felt so good i get to see Sen Obama in person . HES THE MAN!!!