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Feb 2, 2008

Seek And Destroy Your Stress

Your phone is ringing, your blackberry is vibrating and that annoying email alert notice is starting to sound like an oncoming train. Add to that a stack of bills on your desk and the "relaxing" dinner you're suppose to have with you in-laws tonight and you can almost see the steam coming out of your ears. There's no two ways about it, you’re stressed!Stress is all around us - at home, at work and in the car. With it so prominent in our lives, it's important to look at what's causing all this tension, some warning signals that you're on the brink, but most importantly ways to reduce it. Stress can show up in our live in a variety of ways, the two most common are behavioral and cognitive.

Symptoms of Physical Stress (Behavioral)
Lack of sleep and/or poor sleep
Over/Under eating
Aggressive behavior (can you say, "road rage"?)
Nervous habits (pacing, nail biting)Symptoms of Mental Stress (Cognitive)
Impaired Memory
Lack of Clarity
Deteriorated Judgment
Scattered Thoughts/Racing ThoughtsStress can wreck havoc on your life, but you don't have to let this happen. If you’ve noticed these symptoms in yourself or others around you, it's time to take action. You can improve your productivity by creating some peace in your life - starting today!A level of sanity in your life is important for a healthy well-balanced lifestyle, but stress can leave you feeling overwhelmed. When you’re in this state of anxiety or panic, it's hard to see the big picture of your life. Creating a plan to reduce stress may be the last thing on your mind. Well, stop worrying, the tips below can help you start attaining nirvana sooner than you thought.

Stress Busters For Your Body
Exercise can blast away stress and tension, leaving you refreshed and rejuvenated. Endorphins are nature’s mood boosters, these guys make you feel great, exercise releases your endorphins.
Yoga - Yoga helps stretch your body and encourages proper breathing. Through Yoga you become more relaxed, leaving you calm, collected and ready for what lies ahead.
Run/Walk - A change of scenery can be just the trick you need to beat stress. On your lunch break, take some time and go for a walk, or run. Walking and running can reduce tension, plus it energizes your body.

Qigong - While not quite mainstream (yet), Qigong is known for its calming and centering benefits. The natural, slow movements of Qigong help to lower stress by reducing your respiratory and heart rate.
Stress Busters For Your DietWhat you eat directly affects how you feel. Start your day with a healthy breakfast and maintain a proper diet. You'll feel better and will be healthier.
Reduce Caffeine - Caffeine is known to cause stress, by increasing your body's cortisol levels. Removing caffeine from your diet, or cutting back, can help reduce daily stress.
Reduce Alcohol - Alcohol increases your body's adrenaline, which can lead to tension, irritability and insomnia. Never use alcohol as a night cap or a stress buster.
Camomile Tea - Camomile tea contains nutrients that have a sedative calming affect on your body. This tea will help calm and relax you, try some before bed.
Stress Busters In Your EnvironmentWith a little planning, you can make your surroundings the eye, to the outside world’s storm.
Look Inward - You don’t have to look far for relaxation. Deep breathing, Yoga Breaths and Meditation give you a moment of peace. Stress is melted away as your respiration and heart rate lower. For those who are curious about meditation, but aren’t sure how to start, I suggest Guided Imagery. It’s similar to meditation, but is considered easier to do. Simply relax and listen to a soothing voice and music, as your worries drift away.

Get Organized - Your surrounds have a huge impact on your emotions. Feng Shui is based on this principle. Getting organized makes life easier and you’ll be able to concentrate better. Find a place for all your items, and put them in their place!
Music - According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, "students who listened to a well-known gentle classical piece of music during a stressful task had reduced feelings of anxiety, heart rate, and blood pressure."
Aromatherapy - Your sense of smell can alter your mood and emotions. Scented candles and essential oils are two great ways to find tranquility.Now you have stress busting tips for your body, diet and environment. Use these tips to reduce your daily stress so you can stay happy and productive.


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