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Jul 23, 2009

Manage Your Finances

Personal Finance Management is a subject that is not taught in many schools but it is something that we will face in our lives later. A bad management of finance will provide nothing but financial trouble.

Here are some ways you can manage your money.
Start saving today. Make it a habit to save a portion of your paycheck on a monthly basis. Some banks have the facility of taking a portion of your money into a savings account automatically. When you can borrow/rent, don't buy. Some books can be borrowed at the library without buying and some videos can be rented. You don't have to buy them and let them take up space in your house. Go for high down payment and low monthly installments. It will help you in the long-run and you can sleep better at night. Have good insurance coverage. You will never know when you will need a large sum of money during an emergency. So having good insurance coverage can really help tide you over through a crisis. Owning a credit card is very important for establishing credit. Even if you don't ever use it, it's important to have one. If you don't trust yourself, just lock it in a drawer. Have a good book on personal finance management. Learn proper finance management from the experts.Save a dollar a day as it will snowball to a million some day.

A debit card is a poor substitute for a credit card. It gives others direct access to your bank account without having the credit card issuer as an intermediary. Plus, temporary holds done by merchants are keeping you from accessing your money, even if you don't end up buying anything (For example, some gas stations will put a $100 hold on your account as soon as you put your card in, regardless of how much gas you buy. No problem with a credit card, but this can be bad for your checking account). Upgrade your qualifications. Take time to upgrade your knowledge and skills so that you will stay ahead of competition. It will enhance the chances of you making more money in future.

When you receive calls from banks that invite you to sign up for a credit card, reject them. No matter how exciting are their offers, do not sign up with them. Nothing will bother you more than having the banks to chase you for the credit card payments.


how to manage your money said...

According to me in today's world nothing is possible without money so management of money is very essential. Stop wasting money on unwanted things, manage your credit card properly and save money for your future by investing in good schemes after doing proper research. By following this you will surely save money.

July 27, 2009 at 4:08 AM