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Jan 24, 2008

You Could get tax rebate by Summer

Its tax time, by this time of years US residents are usually starting filing thier taxes ( if you are a tax payer). Its Pays off after all the tax deducted from your pay check everytime you get paid. It's kinda nice feeling when you get your tax rebate back. Sometime we get out of control and just spend it with something aren't important. But sometimes we set it aside for rainy day.

Its a good news . Because of the Economy hurting and we are about to go on resetion. The congress and White House forged today to begin rushing taxes of $ 600 to 1,200 to most taxes filer by spring, hoping they will spend the money just as quickly and jolt ailing economy to life.

Rebates would even higher for family with children. Individual taxpayers would get up to $600 in rebates, working couples $1,200 and those with children an additional $300 per child under the agreement. In a key concession to Democrats, 35 million families who make at least $3,000 but don't pay taxes would get $300 rebates.

Is this sounds good or what! just spend your tax return wisely.


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