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Jan 21, 2008

Clean Sweep

The bathroom can be the most cluttered room in your house, yet it's the space that often recieves the attention . The majority of bathroom storage options are underutilized. To determine what to keep and what to toss, take the good look at the bottle in your shower and the make up haphazardly shoved into the dwawers, and start restoring some orders.

Am I using it? Keeping a mistake does not make the mistake better. If you aren't using it , let it go.

Do I have the space to store it? The Lager the item ( like the diffuser you never use that came with your hair dryer ) and the more space it requires the more critical you should be about keeping it.

Am I hodling ton to Disposables? Makeup sponges, disposable razorz, velour puffs and cotton swabs that have been used one time too many should be pitched. they are made for finite use. Clutters makes it hard to find the things you really need to use.

Is it Past It Prime? Nothing last forever even that old tube of lipstick. Each time you open any beauty product and expose it to air, light and heat its effectivesness wornes and bacteria begin to accumulate.

So we have to keep in mind thats its very important to keep the bathroom clean and rinse hands before touching our face daily .